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Industry News Update (2016-12-09)



:video_game: Industry News Update

:bank:New Releases

The Last Guardian - Oh my word. It’s been a LONG time coming. Announced in 2009, with development having started in 2007, it’s taken us nearly a decade to get to this point.

Fumito Ueda’s latest title has proved both spellbinding and confounding in equal measure.

Dead Rising 4 - The Capcom published series adds yet another title from the Vancouver studio.

However, gone are the esoteric design choices that endeared the game to many, with no more time limits and a heavier action focus. Critics are torn on the new direction.

Let it Die - Suda51 and his Grasshopper Studio are apparently back on form with their latest title.

Combining roguelike elements with Dark Souls combat, the Free to Play title is out now on PS4. It wears its influences on its sleeves and its surprise release has gone down well.

Shadow Tactics - In the vein of the old Commandos games, Mimimi Productions have unleashed a new isometric tactical stealth game (only set in feudal Japan).

Reviews are very strong and there’s a demo too.

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:newspaper:News Round-Up

Final Fantasy XV - Comments made by director Hajime Tabata that the game needs to sell 10 million units to be a success have been circulating online.

And, judging by first week sales, Square-Enix may well reach that figure easily over the lifetime of the title.

Sony - Outside of a veritable cavalcade of game announcements at PSX16, Sony were also able to brag about the PS4 having surpassed the 50m units sold mark.

A massive reversal in fortunes that makes all the post PS3-era gloomy predictions a joy to re-read.

PSX16 - This year’s Playstation Experience was full of remasters, hitting hard on that nostalgia:

Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy - Opening PSX16 with a bang, Naughty Dog showed a trailer for a stand-alone piece of Uncharted 4 DLC.

Acting as a prequel of sorts, the game brings back fan favourite Chloe for the leading role.

The Last of Us: Part II - A surprise double showing from Naughty Dog at the PSX16 stage culminated with this big news.

Sequel to one of the highest rated PS3 games of all time, this switches protagonists with Ellie in the driving seat instead of Joel. It’s also looking to be a thematically different game from the first.

Death Stranding - As well as showing off a new trailer at the Game Awards, we also got to hear a little more about the technology powering Hideo Kojima’s latest at PSX16.

Kojima Productions will be working with Guerilla Games and their proprietary Decima engine.

Nex Machina - Housemarque, creators of hit arcade games like Resogun and Super Stardust, are back with a new shooter.

This time they’re teaming up with industry legend Eugene Jarvis, creator of Robotron, SmashTV, Defender and numerous other classics.

Vane - Ex-Team Ico developers have bandied together for a new action-adventure title.

Details are slim outside of the reveal trailer at PSX16 but the studio have a strong pedigree.

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite - The fourth game in the crazy fighting series has a new subtitle, linking it to the marvel cinematic universe and marking a break from prior entries.

This likely lends credence to the ever-growing speculation that the mutants are out.

Box Boy - The beloved cult Nintendo series returns with a third title.

Kirby developer HAL Laboratory has also revealed an Amiibo figurine to coincide with the release.

:satellite: Customer Spotlight

Lazarus remains in continuous open pre-alpha.

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