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Industry News Update (2016-12-16)



:video_game: Industry News Update

:bank:New Releases

DOTA 3 - 7.00 came out and it. Changes. EVERYTHING.

Valve’s MOBA has been on 6.xx for over a decade. The latest update isn’t just a patch, it’s a game-changer.

Space Hulk Deathwing - One of more than half a dozen Games Workshop licensed games releasing this year, Space Hulk is the only FPS.

Made by the French studio behind the bizarre E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy, this could be something special. Or a buggy mess. Or both.

Super Mario Run - The beloved Nintendo franchise makes its way to iOS for the first time.

Ready to play Mario on the go? Well, I hope you have an internet connection available at all times. Subway Mario disallowed. Nintendo is citing the potential threat of piracy as the reason for this.

Stardew Valley - The indie cult success of last year finally makes its way to console.

Inspired by titles such as Harvest Moon, the until now PC-exclusive was a hit with critics and players alike.

For a list of all upcoming game releases, visit Play Date and sync it with Google Calendar.

:newspaper:News Round-Up

Improbable - The makers of SpatialOS (that’s us!) have revealed a partnership with Google as well as the launch of an Open Alpha.

Exciting times ahead!

Hitman - IO Interactive has a festive treat for fans of Agent 47. A new mission has been released which has you tracking some would-be thieves from a popular family movie series.

The mission is free, with the developer asking you to donate to cancer research instead.

Crytek - Looks like the embattled German developer is in dire financial straits.

The studio is once again unable to pay staff for months on end. The last time this happened, a life-saving deal to license CryEngine to Amazon occurred alongside the sale of Crytek UK to Deep Silver, but no silver lining is in sight now. Unless…

No Man’s Sky - More patches! This one adds variance to the size of space battles as well as a few bug fixes.

Looks like Hello Games are well and truly out of silent mode.

For Honor - First the good news. All DLC maps for Ubisoft’s hack ‘n slash multiplayer game will be free for everyone.

The bad news? You’ll require an internet connection for single player. And the single player is apparently a bit naff anyway.

DOOM - One of the best games of the year wasn’t always a guaranteed success.

Danny O’Dwyer has a great documentary on how Id struggled to hit the right mix of nostalgia and modern game design.

Yooka-Laylee - Sad news for the dozen or so Wii U owners who were waiting for the next big release on Nintendo’s dying console.

Development of the spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie on that platform has been canned. A Switch version is in the works instead.

Turtle Rock Studios - The original makers of Left 4 Dead and the embattled Evolve have announced another game.

Did you guess it was a co-op online shooter? Because it’s a co-op online shooter.

Shenmue III - Yu Suzuki’s final chapter to the beloved Dreamcast series is continuing to make steady progress. New screenshots and the start of PC pre-orders are the notable updates.

The studio has confirmed that they’re still targeting a December 2017 release date.

:satellite: Customer Spotlight

Chronicles of Elyria have updated their blog.

They discuss their trip to the Improbable offices and updates to Biomes, new hairstyles, animals and more.

World’s Adrift have updated their blog.

They discuss the Google announcement, a new trailer and tease more info on the upcoming Alpha.

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Lazarus remains in continuous open pre-alpha.

Steam keys are provided for free on their website.