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Inspector: Sort & Multiselect Workers, View Worker Attributes



We have just released a few nifty updates to the Inspector (cloud & local) which we thought you should know about. As always please send in any and all feedback!

Multiselect workers :white_check_mark:

We have introduced a checkbox to more easily select multiple workers. Combined with the ability to visualise read/write areas this should help debug issues along worker boundaries.

Sort workers :arrow_double_down:

You can now sort workers and entities by a few attributes - for workers you may want to see the most overloaded workers first for instance:


View worker attributes :spiral_notepad:

This feature is only available for SpatialOS versions 11 onwards.

Each worker’s attribute set can now easily be seen at the bottom of the worker details tab. These are the same attributes you can see in the entity component tree, for instance showing that position components require the physics write ACL attribute.

Sort & Multiselect Workers, View Worker Attributes in the Inspector