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Inspector Worker Areas & Entity ACLs Improvements



Happy Friday everyone!

I’m happy to announce that a few improvements have just been released to the Inspector (both :cloud: & local) which should make your debugging life easier. As always please don’t hesitate to send in your feedback :pray:

Worker read/write areas in the Inspector :mag_right:

Previously only the checkout region of a worker could be seen using the World Inspector viewport. You can now also see the ‘write’ region, meaning the regions constructed from the set of entities which have at least one component the worker is authoritative on.

The read areas are in a dashed line, and the write areas have a solid line.

Much easier to use Entity ACLs :pray:

Previously in order to analyse entity ACLs one had to expand the entityACL object of the entity component tree, and match the component ids to component names manually.

The write ACL attributes are now shown inline on each entity component, for instance the Position component in Pirates needs the physics worker attribute.


The read ACL attributes (which are per entity not per component) are now shown at the bottom of each entity details tab for easier access (previously this information was buried in the component tree)

Up Next

We are currently working on another set of improvements on the same theme

  • making it easier to multiselect workers
  • making it easier to find each worker’s attribute set from the worker details panel

These are coming in fast, stay tuned!