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Interview Questions (NAIT Game Design Student)


I’m not entirely sure if it’s appropriate to ask this but is it possible to get some example interview questions for working at Improbable?

I’m still as student at this point in NAIT’s Game Design Program (First Year) but as part of the Portfolio Development course we’re doing mock interviews for jobs in the industry we are looking to get into and that we are interested in as a potential job after graduation. As I have never worked in the game industry before I was wondering if there was any questions specific to this industry?


Hi @Yansky,

this is more of a question for our Careers team and you can get in touch with them on our Careers page. There is a “Contact Us” form at the bottom of the page that you can email them from.



Good luck. I ported my whole game over to use a portfolio and didn’t even get a reply lols. I went to NAIT too btw! By game design program I take it you mean Digital Media and IT doing the Game Design stream? I took that after a year of the Computer Engineering and Technology program also at NAIT. Some fun projects in that. Here’s some of my project submissions from the program and speaking of that, you may be able to help me actually. I had a hard drive failure and lost the Spriggan (tree person) in the last image of the page I linked. I’m trying to recover it to use in my game. It was my final project for 3D Character Modelling I forget which teacher… he is funny and sarcastic though and old. =P I could also tell you some of the interview questions I’ve been given from a different company aswell. Throw me an email.