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Introducing Organisations




Today we’re happy to announce the release of a new Web Console feature: Organisations!

An Organisation on SpatialOS is a collection of users (your team) and projects.

This new feature enables your entire team to access the same SpatialOS projects in one place. You can invite new team members to access the projects and revoke their access later by removing them from the Organisation.

As always, please don’t hesitate to send in your feedback!

Accessing Organisations

The next time you log in to the SpatialOS Console, you’ll see a new section in the header.

If you hover over this section and click the dropdown, you’ll be taken to your Organisation’s detail page, which displays a list of your projects and the members of your team.


There are buttons for inviting new team members to your Organisation and removing team members.

Inviting a new team member

In order to invite a new team member, the new team member must already have a registered SpatialOS account. If they don’t already have one, they can register here.


After you send the invite, the team member will receive an email with a link to join your Organisation.

Do I need to do anything to enable this feature?

You don’t need to do anything to enable this new feature - it’s already activated for your account.

Thanks, and happy administering :wink:
The SpatialOS Web team