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Introducing our new Developer Relations Manager, Jay

Hello everybody!

My name is Jay Santos and I’m very happy to join the Community team and look forward to meeting you (in person hopefully); getting to know what you have been working on and helping you as best as I can.

A little bit about me: I’ve worked for five years developing mobile games and apps right out of college in 2003, then six years in network security (believe me when I say gaming is more fun than network security :)).

After that I joined Unity as an “evangineer”, a mix between Field Engineer and Developer Evangelist for four years in Brazil (where I am originally from), and then almost two years in Singapore. In Brazil I had the honor of being the first Unity employee in Latin America, which also means that besides Field Engineering and Evangelism I did it all: Marketing, Business Development, Events, Social Media, you name it :slight_smile: But my favourite part was always working with the community and developers and helping them achieve success.

I joined Improbable eight months ago as a Field Engineer but I’m really glad I have the opportunity to interact and help the community as I did at Unity here at Improbable.