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Introducing: the new Inspector


Hi all,

We’re pleased to update you on our previous post about the modular Inspector and introduce to you that new Inspector - an improved, modularised and more customisable iteration of our visual tool that helps you to better debug, optimise and understand your game world.

As you may already know, the Inspector is our web-based UI that gives you a real-time, bird’s-eye view of your game world; allows you to see what’s happening in that game world and drill down to a particular entity and its component data.

With the feedback we’ve gathered from our SpatialOS developers, we know many of you use the Inspector in a wide variety of ways. Therefore, with the new version of the Inspector, we’ve taken that variety of functions on board and made it more flexible, so you can create custom workflows to accommodate your different use-cases.

Check out our blog post for full details on the update and what the new Inspector has to offer. To dive straight in, check out our docs page and also watch the tutorial videos we have for getting started with the modular Inspector, and advanced uses of the modular Inspector.

Happy Inspector-ing!