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Is Improbable still in business? Will Improbable still be providing developer support?

I have noticed that there doesn’t seem to be as many responses on the forums from staff as there used to. Luckily some community members have been able to chime in (and I’m ever so grateful) but official support doesn’t seem as active.

Same too on discord. I’ve left a couple of messages there and there aren’t any replies.

On discord too, at least in the Unity channel, there was unofficial word that there was no longer going to be support for at least the coming year.

I tried emailing on the website contact page as well and got no responses.

And on the forums, I see a lot of frequent spam reply bots.

And the Unity and GDK roadmaps don’t seem to be updated. There used to be more frequent releases. It just stopped in Sept. of 2020.

It appears Improbable is still in business. I checked on Linkedin and there seem to be recent posts. And I saw that there was a recent blog update too but it has been quiet on discord and here on the forums.

I am just inferring from the recent posts about the military contracts that maybe focus has shifted from game developers to defense contracts? I saw that happen to Magic Leap too and the company posted that they would no longer be active on their developer forums. I can only infer that this is what is going on too with Improbable.

I have already developed my networked code on Spatial and can use the playtest launcher, but I’ve been having trouble trying to make this a standalone to ship officially as a release. And even if I was just to release with the playtest launcher and would want to bump to a paid account, who can I even contact at this point?

I guess I’m just trying to post here one last time to see if Improbable is still active. Are there any developers with contracts with them that can attest to this? Or any developers without a contract and are just prototyping, have you been able to contact anyone from staff? Or am I just on the wrong social channels? Did I miss where the activity is?

Just making one last attempt here on the forums to see if this thing is still alive and what the status is with the whole developer support. Is support and communication only with contracted studios?

Throwing one last hail-mary with this!

Hi @vama89

We’re still on business and kicking :slight_smile:

Specifically for your case on Discord I was looking for an answer internally hence the long time to reply, nevertheless I should’ve updated you. I apologize and will try to avoid it in the future.

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Oh no worries. Ok cool. Thanks for the update @JaySantos.

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