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Is it possible to split the project / playground of the UnityGDK into a separate repository?



Currently, the Unity GDK contains both the GDK and an example project. The inclusion of the latter makes it harder to keep up to date because I cannot fork a new repo and pull in the changes without having to deal with merge conflicts on each pull, and I cannot include it as submodule because the project contains annotations that ensure the example project is loaded on start.

Is it possible to split ProjectsSettings and the Playground project to a separate project so that we can include the GDK itself as a submodule and update that without having to deal with merge conflicts?


Hey @draconigra
The example project is used by us internally to test new features and identify potential issues. I understand that this makes it more difficult to work on your own project while keeping up with the latest changes in the GDK.
Therefore, we have written a short guide on how you can “sideload” the GDK:

You would basically create your project in a separate repo that doesn’t directly contain the SpatialOS GDK for Unity. Instead, you will have the GDK in its own repo and simply need to pull every now and then to have the latest changes. This allows you to work freely in your own project without having to worry about merge conflicts.

Let me know, if the guide works for you or if anything is missing from it!


Ah, thanks! This is super :slight_smile: IIRC last time I tried this out it wasn’t divided into packages yet :slight_smile:

In the part where you mention that you need to change your manifest file it is not immediately clear that you will need to clone the GDK to a separate location, and use that location in the file: part of the packages. It took me some time to realize that the ‘path to gdk’ part existed and that is was expected to be a separate location :slight_smile:


Also, the example misses the com.improbable.gdk.standardlibraryutils package :slight_smile: