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Is there a way to control visiblity on server side?


Currently i am making a space game In which You cannot See beyond Your sensor range. the visibility depends on local client side judgement over collisions And the client actually know about the whole map, so there’s a Room for hacking.

Is there a proper way In spatial os to control the visibility on the sever side And let client only know What they should know? I need some guidance about this thank you!


Well, I know it is counter intuitive but it might be easier to send all the info to the client, and then let them pick and choose between what they show the user, I feel like calculating field of view in real time server-side would be super taxing for multiple players. And of course there’s always the problem of latency, what happeneds when you walk around a corner and see an object and it takes a second for the server to send you what is there. That is a pretty bad hurdle there, please let me know how you end up doing it.



It sounds like you’re looking for custom entity interest - unfortunately we don’t have support for this right now. You can only define the checkout radius as a sphere around the player, and play around with ACLs to hide/show entire components.

We have some features in the pipeline that should allow you to better do what you want (have custom, specific control over what each client sees), however there’s nothing in at the moment :slight_smile:



OK ill check the checkout radius, it might help.
Really looking forward to custom entity control because it is critical for avoiding hackers ruin a game. Thank you.