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Is there a way to hide entities to a client worker?


i would like to know this because i was thinking in things like a player going stealth or make the interior of buildings not load on the client until they enter the building or even do a kinda like wow does with the phasing.


Hi @garkgames,

Absolutely, this is easily achieved by setting an appropriate EntityACL component on the entity you would like to show or hide from a specific worker. A worker will only get an entity checked out into its own view when it has read access to it, and if it doesn’t, it will look to that worker as if the entity doesn’t exist in the simulation at all. You can learn more about the EntityACL component here, and about setting EntityACLs in the Unity SDK here and in the Unreal SDK here.

You can specify the attributes that describe your workers’ capabilities in each worker’s bridge configuration, and every worker will also have a unique attribute assigned to it at runtime that you could use to e.g. only show an entity to one specific client worker but not to others.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Oh Nice thats really nice i will start testing right away thank!