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Is there a written, public roadmap?



As the announcement of version 10.0.0 emphasizes, SpatialOS is at present exclusively an Unity product and is being developed solely to enable the Unity developer.

This is all well and good.

However, if a public roadmap were available to indicate an expected/potential progression of Spatial for Unity – specifically when Improbable might project Spatial development for Unity will reach a mature stage – then those of us who are exclusively UE4 developers might have some indication of when a UE4 version of Spatial might begin development.

Such a roadmap would also give some indication that Spatial for UE4 is not “if and when” but rather “at this point.”


Hey @Rhynedahll!
Thanks for the feedback. No we don’t have a public roadmap that I can share without right now.

I can see from your other posts that you’re keen for any and all information surrounding unreal: unfortunately I don’t have any updates for you yet. As soon as the information is available: I’ll ping you for sure!



The intensity of my interest is wholly based upon the public announcement by a well-publicized MMORPG project that they will be using SpatialOS, in spite of the also publicly stated fact that said project will also be using Unreal.

As all of the visuals that they have shown thus far have been recognizably produced with Unreal, I would be very much surprised to learn that they intend to change to Unity.

As I am oft given to speculation on such things, I would rather believe that said project is forging ahead with SpatialOS in some way behind the scenes, rather than cavalierly engaging in wishful thinking.

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