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JavaScript SDK removed in version 12?



Would the materials of JavaScript SDK in version 11 work with the latest version 12? The version 11 document mentioned that the JavaScript worker SDK is experimental, and now the doc is not shown under version 12. What is the plan on supporting Node JS development for SpatialOS? Would I be able to build a Node JS worker with a fresh new version 12 SDK installed in Windows 10?


Hello @reggie,

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately the Javascript SDK has been deprecated as of SpatialOS 12 which was announced via the release notes. This means that we are currently unable to maintain or support users of this SDK and it may break at any point without notice - so we do not recommend using it.

Instead we’re focussing our teams at the moment on improving performance and developing our game engine integrations and other language SDKs to push the bar further on the quality and ease-of-development that we aim to provide with SpatialOS.

We understand that this decision affects some users significantly more than others and we are very sorry that you are among those that are affected. Please continue to give feedback and share any ideas for features that would improve and facilitate the development of your projects as we’re always happen to listen and exchange ideas.

Best regards,


Just adding a comment to express my wish of a javascript sdk.

If that make it easier, could you built it using emscripten ?