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JavaScript / Typescript Support for Spatial OS



Hey Improbable,

Got a bit of a question Are there any plans to create TypeScript / Javascript Bindings?

If not what can I use to interface with Javascript?


I think I did hear something about a javascript option coming down the pipe. SpatialOS does have support for Java workers, so you might look into a JavaScript -> Java pipeline in the meantime. You could also see if you could get the v8 engine to work with Spatial. Both options, I think, are going to require more work that what you are after.

Java’s syntax is not too dissimilar to JavaScript’s. So a third option may be to tinker around with the java worker.


Looks like you heard right. Internally they are working on a JS based SDK for JS based engines.


Hello @HeadClot, @nbazzeghin,

Just a reminder in case you are not actively following the SpatialOS releases, but the latest 10.3.0 contains the first version of our experimental Javascript SDK.

Do give us all your feedback!

Best regards,


I’d strongly recommend switching to typescript - nowdays it’s not just for typescript users, javascript users also benefit from typings in certains IDEs ( ).