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Jmonkey integration



I’m trying to integrate with a java game engine called JMonkey. For the life of me I’m having problems just getting a worker to start up on my local launch. Looking in the logs I don’t see any errors, do I need to do some trick to get an initial worker deployed/active?

[improbable.worker.assembly.WorkerAssemblyProviderFactory] Loaded worker assemblies for these workers types: terrain.

Shows up on startup… so I know spatialos knows about my worker…


I didn’t use a good title on this topic…:frowning: I haven’t even gotten to the jmonkey business part of things yet. I’ve got a simple worker who just prints hello world and touches a file in a well known directory so I can see if he started up.

If I launch it manually via a java -jar workers.jar . It starts up. I have a “managed” section in my worker json file…I’ve played with artifact_name… using and … but since I don’t see any errors in a log… I don’t think its even trying to start it…

"managed": {
"macos": {
  "command": "java",
  "arguments": [


"workers": [
  "worker_type": "terrain",
  "load_balancing": {
    "auto_hex_grid": {
      "num_workers": 20


Hello @6418849159184384,

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In order for a managed worker to start there needs to be at least one entity with a component that your worker needs to manage. If there is no such entity the SpatialOS runtime does not start a worker.

This entity should be part of your initial snapshot that you can create with the JavaSDK.

Hope this helps!


oo… thanks for that… off to try it out!