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Join the Improbable team at GDC 2019!


Hi everyone,

The Improbable team are returning to San Francisco for GDC 2019 and if you’re also going, we would love to see you there!

We’ve got a busy line-up of talks and plenty more happening at booth S557 in the South Hall. Come meet the team in person and learn more about SpatialOS. If you register now for updates, you’ll also pick up some very exclusive VIP loot.

But that’s not all. For all of our community members who will be at GDC, come say ‘hi’ at our booth and pick up bonus Improbable community loot. Just PM me for more details!

Check out the full details on our plans here.

I hope to see you at GDC!

Nee :slightly_smiling_face:


GDC 2019 Session Talks now available to watch

Wont be able to attend due to being in the UK but will at least look out for the video for Unreal spatialos, might give a good standpoint for most users to go from.



I’m looking forward to going! This is going to be my first time :grin:

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Shame we won’t see you there @Vegeta - hopefully next time! :slightly_smiling_face:



Looking forward to meeting in person, @judah4! :+1:

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Hey devs,

If you’re heading to GDC, come join our Session talks and dive deeper into the tech of SpatialOS - from building a 200-player FPS game in 20 minutes, to creating Unreal worlds with Unreal Engine and SpatialOS.

Speakers for the talks will include our CEO - Herman Narula, CPO - Rob Whitehead, North America GM - Aaryn Flynn, Jessica Falk from our Engineering team, as well as Josh Holmes from Midwinter Entertainment. The team will be discussing the latest Improbable news, SpatialOS innovations and will be looking at what lies ahead in the coming months.

We’re really excited for these Session talks and for those as keen as us, here’s the roster for them:

Make sure to add them to your GDC calendars now so you don’t miss them and make sure you get there in time for a seat!

For those unable to join in person, don’t worry. The talks will be recorded and will be available to catch up with on the GDC Vault the moment they’re available. I’ll post links to them once they’re live!

If you are going to be joining us at GDC, remember to register for updates and you’ll also pick up VIP loot at our booth, S557 in the South Hall. Plus, PM me if you are dropping by and I’ll also have some community exclusive swag ready for you to pick up!

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Announcing our first internal studios in Edmonton, Canada and London, UK

Hey all,

You can now check out the line up of SpatialOS Lightning talks, which will be happening on the Improbable booth S557, in the South Hall throughout GDC:

Presented by our engineering and tech teams, our Lightning talks will be diving deeper into the technology of SpatialOS, looking specifically at key features, including the Inspector, back-end services, the creative possibilities available and more. For those attending GDC this year and interested in these talks and understanding more about SpatialOS, make sure to get to our booth in good time to join in.

Alongside with the Session talks previously mentioned in the last post (“How to build a 200-person FPS in 20mins with the SpatialOS GDK for Unity” and “Building Unreal Worlds” with Herman, Rob and the team), it makes for a very exciting and busy week at GDC!

I’m really looking forward to meeting and catching up with everyone heading to GDC and dropping by our booth! For those of you who missed the original post, there’s exclusive loot available for the SpatialOS community so if you haven’t already, just PM me and let me know if you’ll be dropping by and I’ll have them ready.

Nee :slightly_smiling_face: