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Join us for the Improbable Happy Hour in LA!



Hey Unity devs!

Unite LA 2018 is just a few weeks away and if you’re already heading there, then we’ve got some exciting news.

We’ll be hosting an evening at The Conga Room on Wednesday 24th October, from 4:30pm and would love you to come join us. There will be live demos, networking and of course, drinks and delicious food.

Our dev team from London HQ will be there and happy to chat with you about the new SpatialOS GDK for Unity and how it can help you to host and build online multiplayer games, fast.

During the event, we’ll also be running some live demos for you to try out the GDK, and can provide you with details of our plans for the new Unity integration and how it could help with your project.

If you’d like more info and want to join us for the event, please visit the Improbable LA Happy Hour webpage. Also, please do share the link with other developers you know who are attending Unite LA and who would be interested, we’d love to meet them!

We look forward to seeing you there!



A quick reminder for anyone who has not yet declared their interest for Improbable’s Happy Hour at Unite L.A!

Do come by and chat with the team behind our GDK for Unity and share it with other game developers that are heading to Los Angeles as well.

See you there!