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Jump to entity button in World Inspector



In the world inspector I need to ‘hunt’ for my selected entity (especially when using the find by id field or when I panned away). A button to center the view on that entity would be nice :slight_smile:


As a nice coincidence, I was just thinking the same thing while thinking about how to debug another user’s problem. I think it would be very useful and have raised a feature request (and I’ll add a link to this thread to give it a little extra weight).

Thanks @draconigra!


Hi all - this is already possible, once you select an entity you should see a “Jump to Entity” button. There was a bug preventing it to appear for certain position schemas but that has now been resolved


FYI - you can now set which position component you want to use to drive the jump to entity button :slight_smile:

Hope this helps - more details in the last release notes!