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Just released: Icons in the World Inspector



Turns out diamonds are not forever…

In an effort to make it easier to find the entities you are after in the world inspector (for both cloud and local deployments), we have just released configurable icons per entity type!

Instead of the default diamond shape you can now now choose an icon for each entity type:

This setting gets persisted just as the colours currently do:

Your configuration is saved locally in your browser can be imported and exported from the settings tab if you change machines or want to share your configuration with a teammate:

We hope that this makes it easier to tell your trees from your NPCs!

Note that in the future release we will be offering the option to get each entity’s colour and icon from a colour and icon component on the entity, which will enable a more “dynamic” visualisation (e.g If the player’s health drops below 10, set colour to red)

Any feedback or questions please don’t hesitate to reply or PM me!

Icons in the World Inspector