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Launcher game file location other than C drive possible?



Hi Support,

Is there a way to tell the launcher to put game client files on another drive than C?
This since a lot of our testers are complaining about filling up their SSD drives to fast. they need to be able to put the game files on another drive.


Raymond van Beek


Hello @Kamithra,

This has been a request that we’ve had from many different users and I have filed it internally. I cannot unfortunately at this time give a date at which the possibility to choose both the install location of the Launcher and the folder used for the downloaded game clients will be added but we will update this topic when it happens or when we have more precise news.

Kind regards,


Hello again @Kamithra,

Just wanted to point you towards a great post by @jani.karkkainen that would help you achieve exactly what you are trying to do. Hope it’s useful!



Hi @Duco van Amstel

Yeah saw that one as well. we’ll be looking into it after we finished the GDK migration process.

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: