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Lazarus AI progress




Thought people would like to see some of the cool stuff we’re doing with enemies and factions in Lazarus this week. We’ve been cramming because we’re showing the game for 3 days at Insomnia (UK gaming festival), so we’ve got some really exciting stuff in.

First up, we’ve got enemies that belong to multiple factions. Basically, players are one faction, and I think we’ve got about 5 AI factions in the mix - members of these factions will attack anyone from other factions, be they players or not, and it makes for some really entertaining stuff:

And on a more meta layer, we’ve got territory control. Those factions will vie with each other over territory, and as such we’ve got a cool map (very wip) that will show off troop movements and whatnot. The coolest bit is that this happens regardless of if there are players in the game, so you can come back and the balance of power will have shifted:

Anyway, as we add more interesting enemy types into the mix, things will get even more exciting for the players I think. I know I’m daydreaming of all the cool stuff we can do. It’s pretty ace!


Dat map tho. Seriously cool. We’ll have to get @andrew.roper to tell us how he did it :smiley:


Looking crazy slick! Waiting for my new PC before giving early access a go, going to look super awesome.

Really really interesting to see how the world / game balances out over time when adding that kind of AI!



Looking awesome, might hop online tonight!


lots of coffee


totally awesome!!


The potential for extremely compelling emergent game play here is really cool.

I’d love to see more types of weapon, particularly things suited to party play.


@Herman We’ve been discussing things like healing beams replacing the default machine gun and things of that nature. It suits my style of play more as a dedicated support player in both DOTA and Battlefield so I can’t wait to see that make it in.