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Lazarus Continuous Open Pre-Alpha - Out Now!



Target:    Lazarus
Subject:   Spilt Milk Studios
Status:    Pre-Alpha Out Now
Timeline:  3 months in development

Big news! The first ever (early) release of a game built on SpatialOS.

The 3-man team at Spilt Milk Studios have thrust Lazarus into the public eye with a continuous open pre-alpha. Anyone can grab a Steam key at and start playing RIGHT NOW.

Lazarus is an MMO Roguelike version of Asteroids with the biggest non-procedural open-world ever built! At 160,000km2, the game world is larger than North Korea. And with up to 3,000 simultaneous players on a single instance, we’re bringing the ‘Massive’ back to ‘MMO’.

This title was built in 3 months by a team of 3 developers as a proof of concept. All of the AI/Physics are being done server-side and it runs across 64 instances of headless Unity workers functioning in parallel on the cloud. Since it’s an ongoing simulation, all items are persistent. Enemies are actively roaming the entire map and don’t get spawned in like a traditional game. There are no monster closets in space! It’s a great example of the type of game ideas that are possible on SpatialOS and we can’t wait to see everyone get playing!

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