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Lazarus live stream - this Saturday 10:00 and 12:00 PMT (18:00 and 20:00 GMT)



Hi everyone!

Lazarus are hosting a first live stream (“The First Stand”) this Saturday, 28th January and they’re inviting as many people as possible to join them in game.

It’s free to play (go to - ) and if you join the action on the day you’ll get an exclusive skin for your ships.

The game is currently in continuous open development on SpatialOS - why not check it out first-hand?

Here’s a trailer:


Hey - thanks for posting this Robbie - we’re really excited about this!

We’re going to have as many people join as we possibly can, and we’re doing a few thing to entice people to join in.

First up, anyone who plays gets an exclusive ship skin that nobody else will ever have - the only way to unlock it is by playing with us! It’s this bad boy:

And then, if we hit 50 concurrent players, then we unleash this bad boy right here to the entire community. Here’s hoping we’ll have fun getting there:

Aside from all these fun and games, we genuinely want to know what the game feels like with that many players, how much more alive it feels, and what we need to do to make it even more fun.

Suggestions welcome, nay, encouraged :smiley:

We’re holding the event on Saturday as Robbie says, at 6pm-8pm GMT (that’s 10am till noon PST)…
We’ve got a Discord set up here to chat during the event (and before, and after!):
The stream will be over here:

Be lovely to see you in there! :wink: