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Linking to an image on the web doesn't work



When I use the Upload button and select ‘From the web’ then it will only paste the link in the editor and in the preview I do not see the image, just the link.


Also: drag and dropping images from another web page doesn’t work, despite what the upload form says :slight_smile:

p.s. I am also missing a forum tag in the tag bar


Ok… bullocks… apparently the from the web feature does function… the editor and the preview screen just don’t show it…


Hey @draconigra, thanks for reporting this! I’ve just tried to repro this on my machine (Ubuntu Linux 16.04 64-bit, Chrome 53.0.2785.143) and a image does appear in my preview. It’s probably a browser bug which our forums provider are able to fix. I’m happy to foward your issue on, but if you really, really want to, you can raise an issue with them directly here :slight_smile: