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Linux support



Initially, I assumed that support existed only for Windows and Mac because those were the only install instructions provided. I’ve seen other posts claiming Linux is not supported, but I’m not planning on using Unity or Unreal as workers or as a client, so is there any hope of Linux support for just the Spatial OS backend? I found this in your SDK documentation and it gave me a glimmer of hope:

It mentions Linux…


Hey @nikdunn1979! We’re actually in the process of updating our Setup documentation to get you going on Linux–sorry it isn’t ready yet, but watch this space!


And just to set expectations, we still won’t have full development support for Linux in the near future, but at least you can get set up and start hacking away!


Thanks @rebecca! Does that mean that there will be a spatial binary available for Linux so we can run locally on Linux? That would be fantastic if true.


@nikdunn1979 yup! :slight_smile:


Hey @nikdunn1979,

We’ve added experimental Linux support with 10.3.0 (released a few hours ago). You can find the setup guide in our documentation :slight_smile: