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Logger: Filter by Worker Id and Type


We have just released a feature for the Logger, which should make it much easier to view and manage worker logs and speed up debugging problematic workers. As always please don’t hesitate to send in your feedback :writing_hand: :sparkles:

Worker logs filtering :mag:

In SDK versions 11 and 12, you can now filter logs associated with workers using two new filters available in the sidebar - worker id and type. These fields are populated automatically for worker logs by the SDK, and are now available in the individual log view.

It will soon be possible to also access worker logs straight from the Inspector, allowing you to view a particular worker’s logs by following a link in the worker view - coming soon in a future release!

Happy debugging,
The SpatialOS Web & infrastructure team



It’s now possible to jump to worker logs straight from the Inspector! Simply select a worker from the sidebar and follow the “Worker Logs” link to see the relevant logs in the Logger :eyes:

Feedback is welcome as always :sparkles: