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Love it!


This is exactly what every developer that ever wanted to make a virtual world wants! This dare say this is the biggest tech launch for indy developers (with respects to virtual worlds) since unity!

Great easy understood documentation. Clear cut examples of their design paradigm with code to support it.

Tool for both unity and out of unity to make sure everything is working the way you want.

Oh… also its all one coding language in one platform!

I could list good stuff all night but I just want you guys to know this is great piece of work for the indy virtual worlds community!

Keep it up!


I agree with everything above and I can add that the Improbable staff is awesome! :smiley:


@SionoiS Second SionoiS, I have never once had a situation where the staff was not willing/able to help me with any problems.


Yup! It’s amazing and a real game-changer (pun intended!)

The only blot is their lack of support for mobile, leading me and other developers to have to spend months recreating their tech in-house, but I for one welcome the day I can shelve all my work and hand back over to them!


The difficulties for something like this with mobile come from carrier and network translation limitations on handheld devices and not so much from the tech. It would be a task indeed (As you might know) to make something that could host a huge virtual world sync it to the players and stay within mobile limits, for bandwidth, heat, and battery. Pokemon go is a great example of this as it kills you battery in about thirty minutes. I can understand why we see them shying away from mobile at the moment. Even more so with all the huge carrier technology changes that are suppose to come out this year. It could all be for naught.

I haven’t interacted with staff yet but from browsing the forums they all seem very knowledgeable!

I am really excited to be working with this tech for my project. I have something similiar to spatial that I built using smartfox. Granted its not as advanced as this and also they solved a lot of problems I was scratching my head trying to figure out how to do, plus they did a whole worker build chain which I was to lazy to do!

All in all this is the perfect piece of middlware for an mmo of any sort. The thing I am most happy about is its design paradigm. There are many other mmo frameworks out there. Bigworld and HeroEngine both come right to mind. They are two platforms I have used extensively in the past on projects (not my own).

The biggest problem with them is pipeline and custom game logic. Both engines require artists and programmers to learn tons of extra “stuff”, just to become productive. The majority of it is done in design paradigms different from standard coding practices, or art pipe line practices. This really bogs down a project both getting it scaffold to test stages and introduction of new team mates. Knowledge retention is a challenge in development projects and when developers can use mindsets and knowledge they have developed else where in their hobby or careers for such a huge tech project like an mmo. Well that is a massive leap for all of us!

Hats of to you guys Improbable! Its like you guys were the only ones who were “listening” to what we developers really wanted!