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Mac installation instructions feedback



I’ve experienced multiple people accidentally downloading the latest version of mono when 4.4.2 is needed, getting confused when the launcher gets stuck.

This has to do with the phrasing of the instructions as people think they have to click on the first link and follow the installation instructions. People usually skim through instructions anyways.

A solution would be to remove the link to the instructions all together, as they are very simple (run the pkg)


Hi @atomiC, great point (I just saw a user make this mistake :slight_smile:) - we’ll make this change


If possible. The launcher itself should take care of checking for mono 4.4.2 and giving the user a message if he is using the wrong version. I believe that currently it just gives the user a white page or gets stuck forever before downloading the game when launching. Either this, or bundling the mono framework in the installation.

All for the most painless experience for the mac users :wink:


Absolutely. In fact we are working on a complete rewrite of the launcher to have a much easier installation process & less dependencies. Stay tuned!