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MacOS unity SDK local workers




Using MacOS, I tried compiling the worker of the pirates tutorial. It failed, so I traced back the error to the Spatial SDK.
I found out that the WWW component used is handled for failure using a null comparison, but the documentation for WWW specify
that you need to check for error using String.IsNullOrEmpty for cross platform code.
And the fix actually worked ! I don’t know if this is replicated in the original SDK, or only in the version shipped with the pirates (pun intended).

Thanks for the good work, spatial os is awesome !


Hi @Seth!

Thanks for the heads up! Great detective work!

Apologies beforehand for the trouble – do you know at which step that the worker was failing? Was this a compile time / build step? Or was it something that happened during runtime?

Also, which specific WWW component in the SDK is the culprit? If you have the .cs file name that would be useful.

Thank you!