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Maximum world dimensions?


What are the maximum dimensions I can use for deployments using the small and medium templates?


Hi @paulmonish,

I believe that the max dimensions for any deployment should just be max_double, unless there is some constrain imposed by the runtime that I am unaware of. I’ll check and get back to you if there is such a constraint.


To be perfectly complete there is no “maximum size” for a world, regardless of what template you use.

Templates correspond to a specific amount of computational resources for running your deployment. Depending on what’s in your world (the number and density of entities, the complexity of the game and world logic, …) the size of the world that you can simulate on a small or medium template can very considerably.


Thanks both Kevin and Duco

I figured as much as what Duco said, but I just wanted to clarify if there were any absolute upper limits in area

Thanks again :slight_smile: