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Missing remote management functions and snapshot uploading in SpatialOS window



Because I cannot run my game locally (there is a different topic on this) I am now starting my game in the cloud to test the features that I created. To build my workers I use the SpatialOS window but I cannot find how to upload my snapshot, and how to start a cloud deployment. Is this missing from the Window?


Hey Mike!

Looks like the SpatialOS Window doesn’t currently provide those functions.
You’ll need to upload the assembly via spatial cloud upload <assembly_name> followed by a launch spatial cloud launch <assembly_name> <launch_config> <deployment)name> --snapshot=<path_to_snapshot>

Spotted your post on the local testing not working – will check up on it!


Is this functionality that will be introduced in a future version?


Yes! :slight_smile:

Eventually the main parts of local / cloud workflow will be possible from the Window. We’re looking shortly after 11.0 at the moment for the upload feature <3


Assembly upload is already available, right? The snapshot upload and cloud deployment starting is what I seem to be missing


Yep sorry, have not finished my morning coffee yet :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll be able to select a snapshot and launch local / cloud deployments from the editor!