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Mono 4 vs Mono 5


This is just an FYI for discussion. Currently Spatial requires mono 4.2.2 , but Visual Studio for Mac requires Mono 5 and so does Visual Studio 2017. You also cannot have Visual Studio 2017 installed at all and be able to run spatial because it is dependent on the 2015 C++ redistrubutable and 2017 shares this redist but calls it 2017. I had to uninstall VS 2017 and install 2015 because there is zero compatibility with spacial. Mac VS Preview requires Mono 5, so as soon as I revert back to 4.4.2 it breaks VS so I cannot develop on OSX unless I use Mono Develop IDE (ACK!).

Any chance we can get some compatibility fixes going on this? What type of a timeline would we see?


Mono 4.2 is only specifically used by the Launcher (when you click the launch button on one of your deployed games).

The SpatialOS C# SDK also requires Mono, but that can be a later version (i.e. Mono 5).

So theoretically you should be able to develop with Visual Studio for Mac with Mono 5 installed, but you wouldn’t be able to Launch the deployment on the same machine if you’re using the button on the web console.

You would be able to locally launch it, or use ‘spatial cloud connect external’ to launch a deployed game from the Unity Editor after creating a “tunnel” to the deployment.