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Moving entities between deployments


I should start by saying I’m not a developer, not unless you count VBA! But I have a keen interest in all things Improbable and a backer of Chronicles of Elyria.

Fluff aside, I sent this link multiversal lives to my Hangouts group and expanded on this peice;

The Cambridge-educated tech entrepreneur said at the Wired Live event that artificial realities built on the distributed computing systems that Improbable is working on will allow people to jump between worlds in the future.

I took this as the title says; that a player entity could move between a deployed game world from company A into a game world from company B. That is, the framework\SDK would allow it through some secure means but the two games would need to agree on compatability of worker code.

Did I take excessive license from that quote or is this really where SpatialOS wants to be in a few years?


The multiversal self is absolutely a goal of Improbable :slight_smile:
We have no actionable roadmap regards to entity component migration between deployments from different companies - but we’re actively looking at solutions for doing so between instances of the same game world (either using spatialOS data definitions [schema] as the table definition for a database middle man, or other-whys ).

I would love to live in a world where my virtual self can move between DOOM and call of duty without changing the disk or seeing a loading screen :wink:


Awesome. Oasis here we come. My example to my group was moving from Chronicles of Elyria to Rebel Horizons, but a wardrobe change would be wise. This example will obviously not come to fruition. But hopefully an agreed and common practice in coding for SpatialOS could make this possible in the future.


Hello @z3roCoo1,

It has been quite a few months since you posted your initial request but I just wanted to let you know that we’ve just released a"how-to" on the seamless migration of entities (players) between deployments.

Kind regards,