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Multiplayer Hub launched: Simulated Players for Scavengers

Hello everyone!

Today we’ve (soft) launched a new initiative for all multiplayer developers called Multiplayer Hub

The goal of the Hub is to be a body of knowledge about multiplayer development, deployment and LiveOps

The content of the Hub is not necessarily focused on SpatialOS or other Improbable products or services, its goal is to share the knowledge of the amazing professionals in our team with the rest of the community.

And we start with Teri Drummond talking about how Simulated Players were used on the development of Scavengers to help with several tests and validations.

We will need help from you to ensure not only the success of the Hub but to shape it, so please answer the survey present at the post and let us know what you thought about the content, what format you prefer and what topics you would like to see next.

You can find the first post of the Hub here -