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.NET Core Support Possible?



Hey all!

First of all, massive shoutout to Improbable for such a cool project! I’m absolutely enamored with it and and incredibly excited to use it!

I do, however, have a question; Is there any plan to support .NET Core in addition to Mono for C# (and potentially F#) workers? Applications that target netcoreapp2.0 should have an incredibly similar API surface relative to Mono 5, though I’ve had no success using custom build scripts. It seems that the generated C# code attempts to make sizeof calls to managed types, which results in a CS0208 error (Cannot take the address of, get the size of, or declare a pointer to a managed type) on various types, in addition to missing assembly references.

Any word from Improbable on .NET Core support?

For posterity, I was using the command dotnet publish -f netcoreapp2.0 -r osx-x64 -c Release to build binaries, and it works fine without the generated code, publishing an executable and DLLs for all the assemblies the binary depends on. The addition of <AllowUnsafeBlocks>true</AllowUnsafeBlocks> fixed compilation errors in regards to unsafe code, but CS0208 and CS0234 have proved troublesome!


Hi @berwyn, terribly sorry for letting this slip through the cracks and not getting you an answer sooner. Unfortunately the official answer is that we haven’t really looked into this at all. So while it might be the case that all that is needed is a couple small fixes, we aren’t sure at the moment and are prioritizing development of the language workers we support right now.

I’ve shown this question to some engineers on our core SDK teams so they are aware, and if any of them come up with anything else that would be helpful we’ll be sure to pass it on. Sorry that I don’t have more for you at the moment, but thank you for your kind words and good question!