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New Clusters in service and action required by 18th August

We are replacing our clusters and you will need to restart your deployments on the new clusters by the 18th of August as the old clusters will be decommissioned on the 27th of August.

The new clusters are, by design, more reliable and secure and we would like to help everyone move to them as soon as possible. Below, you will find details on how to complete the move.

Changes when you launch a deployment

If you used to specify --cluster in spatial cloud launch command, please replace the old names with the new ones:

  • us3-prod(deprecated) and gce-us-central1-c will now be gce-us-east4-a-1, gce-us-east4-b-1, gce-us-east4-c-1
  • eu4-prod(deprecated) will now be gce-europe-west1-c

Please note no action needed you do not the --cluster flag.

Changes with your existing deployment

In line with the above, if your deployments are running on us3-prod, gce-us-central1-c or eu4-prod clusters, please restart them on the new gce-us-east4-a-1, gce-us-east4-b-1, gce-us-east4-c-1 or gce-europe-west1-c. You can either do this in the command line or click the Restart button on a stopped deployment.

Please note that any deployments running on the deprecated clusters will be automatically shut down on 27th of August.

SpatialOS Compute team

Please use gce-us-east4-a-1, gce-us-east4-b-1, gce-us-east4-c-1 instead of gce-us-central1-c.