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New clusters


Hi SpatialOS users,

I’m glad to announce that our new production clusters, gce-europe-west1-c and gce-us-central1-c, have become available earlier this week to start deployments in.

We have done a lot of work behind the scenes on those new clusters, so that the services we provide run on updated version of Kubernetes, and are more resilient to cloud provider failures. However, this doesn’t change the way how you use cloud deployments.

There is no change in how you start deployments. You can still choose the region only, and those new clusters may be selected. New clusters, as well as the existing ones, still run on GCE. They offer the same hardware, so you shouldn’t spot any difference in running your game.

One last note, you might notice that the names of new clusters are different from, say, eu1-prod. New names of clusters are formed using template gce-%zone in cloud provider%. We are hoping that new names are easier to understand.

Thanks and have fun working on awesome games!

Software engineer in Compute team