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New docs about launching, maintaining, and alerting on your game


Hi all,

We’ve just published three new areas of documentation, all relating to launching, maintaining, and alerting on games:

All of these docs will evolve based on user feedback and SpatialOS improvements - these are just v1. So please let us know if you have any comments!

Game launch checklist

This is a checklist to work through before launching your game on SpatialOS. It covers both general best practices (like establishing who will respond to issues in production) and SpatialOS-specific procedures (like subscribing to the SpatialOS status page).

Many of the items in the checklist are things that you need to think about early on when designing your game, such as scale testing and making sure you have cheat detection in place.

Game maintenance and recovery

Sometimes you need to take down your game temporarily. This might be for routine game maintenance, or because something’s gone wrong.

We’ve written three pages of best-practice steps that you should follow, depending on the situation: Urgent restart, Precaution restart, and Scheduled maintenance

Alerting on metrics

This page explains how to set up alerts based on deployment metrics, for example if snapshots are failing or some workers aren’t connected.

As always, if you have any feedback, please let us know below!


New docs: game launch checklist, alerting, and game maintenance and recovery