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New Documentation Search


Dear Readers of the SpatialOS documentation:

:tada: Great news! We’ve heard your feedback and equipped our documentation with some improvements to search. We hope it gets you where you’re going faster than ever before! :biking_man:

Let us know what you think!


Hi Rebecca,

Improving the documentation search functionality on the site is a very helpful new addition, thank you!

A little feedback: Can I recommend that the search results that overlay under the search bar as you type prioritise results from the version of the documentation that you originally searched from?

For example, if I’m viewing version 11.0 and search for ‘spatial local launch’ then 5 identical results are shown underneath the search bar. If I click on the first result, it takes me to the documentation for version 10.1. To get to 11.0 I need to select the very last result in the search bar. Perhaps a version number next to the search results and flipping the order in which they’re shown would improve it?

The versioning in search is particularly important to get right when the result is half way down the page as quite often I can be viewing a result without knowing that it’s in a different version from mine unless I scroll back up to the top of the page.



Thanks for this @mephistonight!
Feedback noted–we’re still working on a few tweaks around versioning, so you should see some improvements in this area soon! :mag:


In fact, we’ve just released some of those improvements today!
Let us know if they improve your experience :sunny: