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New flexible project layout!


Hi everyone,

We are delighted to share the first iteration of a new and flexible SpatialOS project layout. You will now be able to leverage the build system of your choice and put your configuration files, binaries, and other resources wherever you choose. You will no longer have to use the SpatialOS-specific build system or conform to a rigid layout that interferes with your workflow and game engine of choice.

We have an example project demonstrating this new project layout with C# workers and documentation for configuration files at:

The flexible project layout will be leveraged by future releases of Unity and Unreal GDKs and will become a default project layout should you wish to integrate your own game engine. Unity and Unreal SDK users are recommended to keep using the existing project structure, as the SDKs rely on spatial CLI’s build system.

We are considering this an alpha release, due to the fact that projects authored with the flexible project layout are currently incompatible with the SpatialOS launcher. We welcome your feedback on how easy you find this new feature to use and onboard with so we can improve our documentation.

Please take a look at the example project and let us know what you think!


Flexible Project Structure