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New Inspector - Exporting and importing workspaces

We are excited to announce that we have added workspace Export and Import functionality to the new Inspector.

This allows workspace configurations to be downloaded and re-uploaded to the Inspector, so that they can be shared between users. For example, users can create a custom workspace for analysing playtests and share this workspace with the whole team.


Downloads a .inspector file that contains the configuration of the current workspace. This configuration contains:

  • Modules and their locations
  • Position on the canvas
  • Connections between modules
  • Contents of modules (for example queries in the query editor)

It should be noted that we do not save information coming from the Runtime or user selections made inside modules.


Opens a drag-and-drop file picker.

After choosing a .inspector workspace file, it opens the workspace that was saved in the file. Importing does not overwrite any default workspaces and hitting reset moves back to the default workspace.

Please try out this new feature and send us your feedback either as a reply to this post or through the Inspector’s feedback button.