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New Inspector - Worker Info & QBI Visualisation

Hi all,

Worker information, as well as authority and interest (QBI), can now be visualized within the new Inspector. The new “[Default] Workers” workspace showcases this functionality.

New “[Default] Workers” Workspace
This workspace uses the new Worker Table module, new Worker Details module, and Viewport QBI visualization to create a worker-centric workspace that allows you to:

  • View the worker system entities in the table at the top (including latency and player ids).
  • Select workers to follow the system entities in the viewport.
  • Visualize the workers that have at least one authoritative component on an entity using the authority markers above entities in the viewport.
  • Visualize the QBI spatial constraints that are defined on the entities in the viewport.
  • View the QBI configuration for selected entities using the entity details module (see next screenshot).

Worker Table
The new Worker Table module displays worker system entities (entities that have the improbable.restricted.Worker component). This module also displays player information (such as player ids) if the entity also has the improbable.restricted.PlayerClient component. To populate this table, entity data that includes these components must be streamed into the module (see the “[Default] Workers” workspace for an example).

Worker Details
The new Worker Details module displays a worker’s metrics and the entities that a worker is reading/writing. Similarly to the Worker Table module described above, this module is populated by entity data that contains system entity components.

We’d love to hear your feedback on these features! Please let us know your thoughts, questions, or issues here or on our Discord.

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