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New Inspector - Workspace Persistence Release

We’re pleased to announce that workspace persistence in the new Inspector has gone live!

With workspace persistence, any changes you make to Inspector workspaces are saved automatically. If you then navigate away from and back to the Inspector, the workspace will be reloaded into the state it was in previously. This persistence ensures that a customised workspace only has to be setup once and can then be retained and re-used. This unlocks the new Inspector’s huge potential for providing unique, customised workspaces that allow you to gain a deep insight into the current state of your game/simulation.

Some key details:

  • Workspaces are saved every 5s and when you leave the workspace page.
  • There is a separate history for each of the workspace types (i.e. you can keep a separate saved version for the ‘Comprehensive’ and ‘Custom’ workspaces and they will not interfere with each other).
  • The ‘reset’ button can be used to revert back to the base workspace. Once this is done, the history for that workspace type will be overwritten by any future saves.

Please have a go with the alpha version of the new Inspector (see documentation) and let us know what you think, either in response to this post or through the new Inspector’s feedback button.

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