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New Inspector - Workspace Saving and Loading

We are pleased to announce the release of Inspector v2 Workspace Save and Load functionality.

The update includes: creating and saving new workspaces under custom names, editing and deleting workspaces, and exporting and importing workspaces from external .inspector files.

This allows users to have specialised workspaces for different purposes, or share workspaces easily with colleagues.

The functionality was placed in the header and consists of the workspace dropdown, and save button.

Default vs. User workspaces
Prior to this update, the new Inspector was limited to 4 default workspaces. Now a user can create and maintain their own collection of workspaces, while we still retain the default ones as a quick-start option.

Creating a New Workspace
To create a new empty workspace, hit ‘+ New workspace’ at the bottom of the workspace dropdown.

You will be prompted to enter a name. The new empty workspace will be saved under this name and will be available in the workspace dropdown.

Editing and deleting workspaces
User workspaces can be deleted or edited. This is done by hovering over the workspace in the dropdown.

Clicking the Trash icon deletes the workspace, and clicking the Edit icon enters the inline edit mode. From here, you can rename the workspace.

Saving, Saving As, and Resetting a workspace

Resetting - sets the workspace to its last saved version
Saving - persists the changes made in the workspace after the last save
Saving As - leaves the workspace untouched, and prompts the user for a new name under which a fresh copy of the workspace will be saved

User workspaces can be Saved, Saved As, and Reset
Default workspaces can only be Saved As, and Reset, while Resetting always reconstructs the workspace from Inspector presets that can not be overwritten by the user.

All this functionality is accessible by expanding the Save button:

Automatic workspace persistence
While saving a workspace overwrites the version of the workspace that one can reset to, we also take a copy of the workspace automatically every 5 seconds.

This copy ensures that one does not lose recent changes after a browser crash or a page refresh.

Exporting and Importing workspaces
All workspaces can be persisted into an external .inspector file, which can be saved on the hard drive, shared, and then imported back into the workspace.

A workspace can be exported by hitting the Export button in the Save dropdown. This downloads the respective .inspector file.

Import is accessed through the workspace dropdown.

To import a file: hit ‘Import’ in the workspace dropdown, drag the file onto the file picker, and name the workspace.