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New Spatial Commands



So, you’ve tried to get started with SpatialOS but finding it hard to figure out what the right command is for what you need to do? GOOD NEWS, the spatial command line`` now has some new commands and improved documentation!

Wait, what? But why…

We want to make SpatialOS easier to use! The set of commands that you use with SpatialOS grew organically over time and without much design… this is good for vegetables but not so good for a developer product! As new commands got added we ended up with a lot of top level commands and it became increasingly hard to find the command that you wanted. The information on what a command does and how to use it was hard to find or only available on the command line help itself so we have tried to improve the documentation available on our site.

Introducing the new spatial Command Structure!

With the release of the 10.0 SDK we are also introducing a new version of spatial CLI commands that you can use to interact with your deployments on the platform. We are strongly encouraging everyone to move to this new version; the old commands and structure are still there so there is backwards compatibility.

The new command structure is intended to be much more sane and hopefully more intuitive for our users (old and new!) - we have elevated commands that we think you will use the most to the top level and renamed some commands to reduce some of the guesswork as to what they do.

We have improved the docs to tell you about all the available commands, what they do and how to use them, you can find them on the website here or you can use --help on the cli for more information on usage for any command.

How do I upgrade?

These new commands are being introduced with the 10.0 release and you will need to opt in to using the new structure - you can do this by running spatial update then spatial config set cli-structure v2

We would be really grateful for any feedback on the new docs or the command structure - you can send us feedback via the forums or get in touch via Intercom.

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New Spatial Commands