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New SpatialOS Launcher Released! Now with Caching & Unreal Support



Hi everyone,

We are incredibly excited to announce the release of a brand spanking new SpatialOS Launcher! :rocket:

:nerd_face: As a reminder, the Launcher is the desktop application you and your players use to play SpatialOS games before they fly the nest to Steam and other distribution channels. :nerd_face:

Highlights of this new version

1) Caching. Sweet sweet caching! :pray:

The new Launcher caches game clients, meaning if you or your players have already downloaded a client assembly the Launcher will not download it again upon each Launch. Thanks for your patience on this feature - and hereโ€™s to faster launch times!

2) Unreal Support :unicorn:

We now launch Unreal clients natively instead of having to suggest questionable hacks to fit a Unreal shaped peg into a Unity shaped hole.

3) Revamped Installation Process, Look & Feel :white_check_mark:

Mac users will fondly remember the days of having to allow apps from unidentified developers in their System Preferences in order to run the Launcher.

This is no longer required as the Launcher grows up to be from an identified developer (thatโ€™s us) and has an installation wizard like the greatest desktop apps out there. It has also been rebuilt in Electron and has shaken off its dependency on Mono, which should speed up the installation process for you and your players!

On Windows we have signed the executable meaning you should stop seeing complaints from your Antivirus.

4) Less greedy storage requirements :desktop_computer:

The previous Launcher had a bad tendency to fill up usersโ€™ hard drives with assemblies. The new Launcher is more reasonable keeping only the last 5 assemblies downloaded.

How to Upgrade

If you have the old Launcher installed, please uninstall it and install the new one here for Mac, and here for Windows. Full installation instructions are here.

Please note that the old version of the Launcher will be deprecated in 2 weeks. Further comms about this will follow.


How will my players know about this?

A message will be shown on page users land on when you share your game with them indicating that we have released a new Launcher.

Is Linux now supported?

No, we will support Linux in the future but it is not currently a priority based on low demand. We are monitoring this thread - please do not hesitate to reach out if you too would like a Linux version of the Launcher.

How to Feedback

Please do not hesitate to reply to this post or PM me!

Happy Launching!

New SpatialOS Launcher Released!