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New SpatialOS Launcher Released!



Our new version of the Launcher now caches game clients, supports Unreal, and has a revamped Installation process, look & feel. What a time to be alive! Check out the full release notes here for more details & installation instructions.


There’s one “problem” I have with the launcher: The installer doesn’t give me the option to install it on any other harddrive than my main. I used to have it installed on an extra internal harddrive (G instead of C) where all my other programs are installed.
I’d like to have the possibility to chose where I install a program instead of the program deciding it for me.

Can this be changed?


Thanks so much for your feedback @Sheriziya
Unfortunately for the time being, Launcher install location is locked, BUT, we’ve added a task to improve this with the next release!

Please let us know if you have any other items of feedback, and I hope this doesn’t stop you using the Launcher in the meantime.
Many thanks,