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Odd position of the UnityGameLogic worker GameObjects



Hey everybody!

I’ve followed the “Add your first feature” tutorial and the health pickup is working fine.

However if I check Unity’s inspector the UnityClient worker HealthPickup GameObject is in the place I’ve instantiated it (5, 0, 0). However the UnityGameLogic worker HealthPickup GameObject (which contains the trigger that is actually working when I walk over the pickup!) is located at (5, -1000, 0), then I’ve checked the UnityGameLogic worker Player gameObjects and I’ve noticed that they have the same behaviour (i.e.: Same X and Z position but Y offset by -1000).

Is this correct? If so what’s the reason?



Hello Jay,

This is indeed correct.
If you look in the FPS-Development scene, please view the position of the GameLogicWorker GameObject. This is offset at Y = -1000.

This is done as both the UnityClient and UnityGameLogic will exist in the same scene in this setup.
Since both will create GameObjects for the level and entities, they need an offset to ensure they don’t interfere with each other in terms of physics.