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On-site deployment option



I was looking to see if improbable has a self-hosted solution available for SpirialOS platform.


Nothing at this time or in the plans from the last we heard. They like to keep control over the tech that is powering it all. Also from what I have heard the backend is really compilcated with a lot of moving parts.


We don’t have a self-hosted solution for Spatial OS - one of the great benefits of using SpatialOS is that we take care of the hosting for you


Thank you for your reply. We have some restrictions on the use of Public cloud.


The entire archetecture is being built around taking the network engineering layer off the game devs and allow them to focus on making great content. I do not think this particular platform is suited to self hosting at all.


Love that. Even if it costs more than self hosting. If you are trying to focus on making a game with great content, that is a HUGE relief. I would say more than 50% of mmo development time goes into making sure your infastructure can handle it. All we gotta do is make sure our client is awesome and our systems are in place. It is like making a single player game and more peole can join. This platform is crazy smart.


@ZPrime It is definitely possible that in some cases you might indeed be concerned about using a public cloud service. That said, the best possible way to know if you are in such a case with respect to SpatialOS is probably to get in touch with our team so you can explain your specific concerns.


Well you do a business meeting when people get ready to launch so thats one step.

Google cloud services when you use them yourself has controls so that you can limit the maximum they can spen up without editing that. So you do as a dev have some control. In the case of a bgusiness meeting with a game that has many thousands of followers, maybe you could offer them a free alpha preview weekend for their followers, that would give them some hard data about their usage.


If it helps you feel more comfortable, if security is a concern. The way this works is your deployment runs on spacials system, that uses google to provide the server hardware. I am sure it is much more secure than just throwing something ona standard public cloud. You are talking about a team of software engineers, not just some people who know a bit of code with an idea. And who knows. Talk to them. You never know they could come to an agreement to unlock a limited version of the kind of server we use for testing. However you will lose that ramp up when eneded. And likely all support.


Is there a phone number I can reach out to? Thank you.


Sorry. Should have given the right link earlier. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just use the contact form on our website and include a link to this topic. Our team is usually quite reactive so you should not have to wait too long before you can dive into the deep-end of your questions.

If there is any issue with the contact, or if through some obscure twist of fate you do not get a response, do not hesitate to drop me a private message on the forum here and I will follow-up internally!